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The Stories We Wear

Ever since the first textile was created, there have been stories woven into our clothes.

Did you ever put on that favorite dress, shirt or jacket of yours and immediately felt different? More confident maybe or even protected somehow?

To me clothes are a lot more than something we wear. They are an expression of who we are and what we aspire to become. A reminder to be more bold maybe, to slow down or to be kinder to yourself.

What is something that you’d like to remember? To change? To become? I’ve prepared a brief overview of our most meaningful stories and bold colors to get you started on your journey :)

Empowerment and Courage

Just like the flaps of a butterfly can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world, small acts of courage are sure to have ripple effects we cannot always foresee.

You were born with an innate power to create change, both in your life and in the lives of others. Be brave, even when you don't know the outcome. Break the armor- and let yourself be seen. Courage is contagious.

Present In The Moment

Eternity in a fleeting moment. Happiness is not necessarily found in always striving for more. But in simple moments of connection, of being present and smelling the flowers.

With the past already gone and the future yet to come, all we have is the here and now. Enjoy every moment.


Inner Freedom

In a world that drowns in noise and information, with family, friends and work on a few swipes away, it’s easy to get lost. We just react to whatever life throws at us and sometimes can barely come up for air.

Instead, we all have the power to pause and take a step back. Creating a space in between what happens to us and what we do. For it is in this space where true freedom resides. The freedom to choose our own response.

Feeling Enough

TITIK (Indonesian for dot or full stop) is a reminder to pause, take a breath and find the courage to stop listening to what everybody else and/ or that little hurtful voice inside my own head is saying. A reminder that I – as I am in all my perceived flaws, fears and struggles – am already enough, that I am already worthy of what I’m really yearning for in this life.



Jasmine flowers. A motif of pride, used to pass on the craft from mother to daughter. Forgotten, then brought to new life – symbolizing a new bloom of our artisans’ heritage.

You may pass through life lightly, or through a path filled with thorns and scars. But remember that it is never too late to return to the root of your heart and begin again. To bloom in the midst of change.

Focus and Simplify

Simplicity brings clarity and focus. Let go of what no longer serves you. And choose carefully what you bring into your life.

By refocusing on what really matters, you create a blank canvas of sorts. A canvas on which you can bring to life your own path, your own story.