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What if how we grow, make & wear our clothes can change the world?

As a development economist, I travelled through rural Indonesia to learn about poverty and to find what works. What I found was the reality so hidden for us living in cities: The exploitation of the women and our Earth that happens behind what we wear everyday.

With every purchase, you help us provide living wages to the most marginalised artisans working in Villages, not factories. You fund our craft schools, providing access to education to women who didn't have a choice. And you enable us to keep our Planet clean by choosing the kindest natural fibres and dyes.

Our unique model is proof that the fashion industry can solve some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. And I'm here to invite you to be part of it.

Full circle of change

Everytime you choose #MadeRight, you create a meaningful change in the world.
You make it possible for us to build a kinder, fairer world for women in villages across Indonesia.

Together, here’s how we’re changing lives:

Ending Exploitation

98% of women who make your clothes don't earn a liveable wage. Through layers of factories and middlemen, she's kept small and invisible. We're here to change that.

Through living wages and access to education through our craft schools, you are changing the lives of our Ibus in Villages, not factories. Women invest twice as much of their income into their families compared to men. When a woman is economically empowered, her children and community thrive, making her crucial to eradicating poverty.
That's something you can truly feel good about!

Protecting the Earth

Your clothes started from the Earth. But the way it’s currently grown is laden in chemicals, deep tilling and monoculture, resulting in soil degradation and biodiversity loss. Since 2020, we have been working with our farming co-ops to transition into regenerative farm.

By planting a diverse mix of plants around the cotton and Indigo plants, it mimics an abundant forest ecosystem, improving soil quality, reduces pests naturally. The result is increased revenue for small-farmers while creating long lasting benefits for the planet.


Our signature raw cotton fabric is handwoven by master weavers in Medono village, Central Java. Our Tencel and Sylk fabrics are from Lenzing AG, made using Eucalyptus fibres through a closed-loop facility.


Our natural dyes are 100% traceable to the farmer level.
The plants are cultivated directly by our farming coop, such as SweetIndigo™,
or reclaimed from food or industrial waste, turning pollution into beautiful hues.


Our packaging is plastic free, upcycled using our own scraps or training fabrics. Each is hand-knotted by mothers in Medono village with waste threads from our handwoven fabrics. That's why receiving your package always feel like receiving a gift from a dear friend <3!


Our buttons are from made from waste mother-of-pearls and supports the livelihoods of 12 women in Makassar, Indonesia.

Our labels are made of 100% cotton, handmade in Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.

Our threads use 100% traceable, certified recycled Polyester.


#MadeRight Connects

Your connection with the Earth
and all the hands in between.

From the seamstress who tailored it, to the artisan who's keeping her heritage alive,
to the master weaver who crafted the fabrics and his wife who make our zero-waste pouches,
to the very woman gathering our cotton plants and natural dyes,
to a girl with a dream that things could be different.

Our name means happiness in Indonesian. Taking its Sanskrit root, it's a reminder that connection is what makes a life worth living.
From our artisans directly to you – and back to their communities. Full circle.

We all have a choice.
Thank you for choosing change.