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The Most Meaningful Clothes

Ethically handcrafted in Villages, not factories

Your purchase transforms the lives of women in villages across Indonesia.

Empowering Women

98% of women who make your clothes don't earn enough to meet their basic needs. We're here to change that, providing access to a living wage and dignified opportunities.

Giving Back to the Earth

Handmade is beautiful. But the way it's currently done is dirty. Our traceable natural dyes, zero waste practice, and free repairs is pioneering a new way of doing business beyond the hype.

For a Better Tomorrow

With every purchase, we plant a tree and build craft schools in our villages. Together, we're impacting 378 lives in rural Indonesia through your clothes!



The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting sector in the world. We're cleaning that up.

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ALUNAN - Fitted Shirt

IDR 2.150.000

Mini Comfy Set - Batik

IDR 1.275.000

ALUNAN - Vintage Dress

IDR 2.450.000


LAUT - Weekend Shirt

IDR 1.350.000

ALUNAN - Summer Breeze Dress

IDR 2.950.000


Mini Structured Dress

IDR 1.250.000

KUPU - Shirt Dress

IDR 2.650.000

TITIK - Wideleg Pants

IDR 1.750.000

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