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The rarest natural dye

Made of nature, for nature

Crafted to Change Lives

What we wear should be empowering.

For you, the women who made it, and our Planet.

Every time you wear #MadeRight, you provide mothers in Villages, not factories, a chance for a better life. Each taking months to craft, naturally dyed using renegeratively grown plants to protect our Planet from toxic chemicals while restoring biodiversity.

This is The Most Meaningful Clothes.
Where every choice changes the world for the better.

Made by Mothers

Reinterpreting heritage techniques to crafted pieces as unique as you.


Find your fit and customize your unique piece.

"SukkhaCitta creates social impact by investing in the capacity building of rural craftswomen and ensuring that the women earn a living wage."

- United Nations Development Program

We can't live without clothes.

But we can invest in the ones that count.