How do I care for my #MadeRight clothes?

All SukkhaCitta's clothes use artisanal, handmade fabrics that often use natural dyes. Because of this, there may be slight variations in the motif and colors of your garment. We trust that you have invested in a SukkhaCitta piece in part for this beautiful imperfection, and appreciate these differences.

Care has been put to ensure that your clothes can accompany you for many, many moments and milestones. These are our 2 rules to care for it right:

Hand wash — We recommend handwash cold with a mild detergent (no bleach) to maintain the color and feel. Leave to soak for a few minutes, then treat with a fabric conditioner in the final rinse to keep its feel. Rinse well in cold water and dry away from direct sunlight.

Similar colors go together — You may notice some color bleeds during the first couple of washes. This is completely normal as each piece was hand-dyed in the most natural way possible & should go away after some washes. To avoid color-ins, stick to washing similar colors together.

Steaming and ironing — Spray some water to help straighten out the wrinkles and iron with medium to high heat, depending on the thickness of the fabric. For silk pieces, first, turn your garment inside out and iron it on the medium heat setting.

Repair and redye — While a lot of care was put to your #MadeRight pieces, nothing lasts forever. By repairing our clothes, we can contribute to minimizing our impact on the landfills. Contact us to inquire about our repair and redye services.


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