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Our fabrics, Your style

Life consists of moments, of events creating memories that last a lifetime. Nothing makes us feel more grateful than to be part of these occasions, personalizing our #MadeRight fabrics to tell your story.

We've made special pieces for you, being there to mark your special days creating memories that lasts a lifetime.


#MadeRight for you

We've been part of your secret surprise - thoughtful gifts that speak volumes of your love of one another. Whether it's as simple as personalizing her initials, or creating a memento that tells your story together.


Let's start the process!

Our custom work starts with you.

Nothing makes us happier than bringing our lovingly handcrafted pieces to be part of your life! If you are interested in designing a piece that's uniquely yours with us, please contact our Customer Happiness Team at or +62 812 4102 1688.