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SAKURA - Breathe Bracelet

IDR 295.000

 Inhale Calm. Exhale Worry.

Your Breathe Bracelet is a reminder to reconnect with your breath. Now more than ever, we are reminded that all we truly have is the present moment. It's what connects us all, humanity in our shared vulnerability.

Stay still for a second. Take a deep, conscious breath in. And a deep conscious breath out. With your next breath in, feel the present moment. And when you breathe out, feel this wonderful moment.


Mothers in Medono village hand-dyed these threads with foraged woods and leaves. She divides the threads into thirds and gently knots the threads, effortless. Linked by the sweetness of the plants that lent its colour, nature and soul intertwine in this breath.

HANDKNOTTED | Medono village, Central Java
NATURAL DYE | Sappan wood + Banana stem
SIZE | Each bracelet has 2 holes to provide sizing options

MATERIAL | 100% raw cotton threads, bronze charm, mother of pearl button

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nothing but love..

got this in sakura blossom and love this a bit too much! if only the logo is double-sided would be even prettier!

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SAKURA - Breathe Bracelet

IDR 295.000