How We Work

From toxic dyes, needless energy waste, to downright exploitative labor practices, craft is currently the 2nd most polluting sector among Indonesia's SMEs.

We believe that things can be done better. 

Pioneering transparency in this unregulated sector, our #MadeRight standard is a promise to you that our fabrics are - well - made right.

 Villlages, not Factories

Our work begins in the villages, providing access to marginalized craftswomen instead of working with factories. We are one of the very few who actually does this - and in all honestly it is not an easy path.

Most handcrafted fabrics that you find in the market today are made either in factories or sold through layers of middlemen. This keeps the people who handcrafted them invisible, often stuck in poverty.

We believe there is a better way. A fairer way. Our on-the-ground work builds a new and transparent supply chain, one that is distributive by design. One that connects them directly to you, building fair community enterprises on the village level.

Circular Approach

Each step of our production ensures minimal environmental footprint. Working with village communities, most of our pieces use plant-based natural dyes to ensure no toxic chemicals gets released into the water ways. 

By 2018, our Zero Waste initiatives will ensure that 100% of unused materials (threads, scraps) are upcycled and given a new value.

Beyond 'Handmade'

We believe that our heritage crafts should not be kept in museums, but has its place in today's modern time. But what not many understand is that the current system in the handcraft sector perpetuates an ugly equilibrium - that is, not all 'handmade' items are made equally. Most perpetuates this situation. 

To us, beautiful items is not enough when the reality for those who make it is not beautiful. It's beyond that - and there is an imperative to find a way that supports, rather than exploits, these remarkable artisans. It's time to bring pride back into our culture, it's time to change the conversation.

Interested to learn more? Read a note from our founder on why she started SukkhaCitta.


Finally, the most sustainable choice is also the most beautiful. Show the world what you stand for.