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We began our journey crafting the most meaningful clothes when our founder,
former development economist Denica Flesch, saw the reality of exploitation behind a piece of handmade fabric–
and how things can be different.

We exist to create positive change by reconnecting you with the humans
behind your clothes. Our unique model is proof that the fashion industry
can solve some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.

It all starts with you.

When you choose #MadeRight, you’re creating a meaningful change in the world.
By investing in your most meaningful clothes, you help us build a kinder, fairer world
for women in villages across Indonesia.

Together, here’s how we’re improving lives:

SukkhaCitta - Meaningful for You

 Meaningful for you

Sometimes, it's hard to know what really goes on behind your clothes. So many brand's marketing and greenwashing cover up real issues of exploitation to poor environmental practices.

#MadeRight means you can be sure. It's a promise to you that everything you purchase pays a living wage, is kind to the Earth and uses traditional craftsmanship (no screenprint here!).

Meaningful for our Artisans

We work directly with Villages, not factories.
This is where most of our artisans live and work - yet without any access
they often live a life of poverty. We’re here to change that by connecting them to you!

Meaningful for the Planet

We return opportunities to the rural villages – but these opportunities must not come at the cost of the environment. That’s why we run on-the-ground trainings on the kindest natural dyes and use only natural fibres. Better for the artisans health, the Planet, and you!

Building schools

Together with you, we want to give the next generation of Indonesia’s artisans the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. From quality management to business knowledge, we believe education is the key to bring about lasting change for our craftswomen and their families.

With your help, we’ll finish 4 craft schools, Rumah SukkhaCitta, in Java & Flores by 2020.

From our artisans directly to you – and back to their communities.
From living wages to Indonesia’s first craft schools.
This is the change your #MadeRight piece is making in our villages.

Full circle.

Thank you for changing the world with us.