Happiness Bracelet - PURPOSE

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PURPOSE reminds us to remember what matters to us. To work not for recognition, but follow what gives you meaning. To dream and follow the path that is uniquely yours.


Happiness is a tricky thing isn't it. Did you ever had that feeling that the harder you try to pursue it, the further it seems to get away? There will always be more. There will always be better, higher - you name it.

Our Happiness Bracelets are designed to be a reminder of what truly matters to you. Mothers in Medono Village, Central Java, knot each of these reminders by hand. Made just for you, so that you can bring that intent everywhere you go.


Your bracelet is made using upcycled threads, keeping them from landfills. Their special earthy hues are hand-dyed from fruits, leaves, and minerals. 

The deep blue shade is achieved through natural Indigofera Tinctoria leaves. The golden hue comes from Ceriops Tagal wood bark.


This bracelet comes with a special edition pouch. TUMBUH is inspired by the little things that surround us. The growing buds, the falling leaves. Nature's symphony to symbolize a new beginning, one that encourages us to rest to prepare for the new stage of growth.

Technique | Handknotting, Upcycling.
Size | Each bracelet has 2 holes to provide sizing options.
Materials | 100% raw cotton, bronze charm, seashell button.
Color and pattern variations may occur and are part of the charm of this handcrafted piece. We love that one-of-a-kind-feel!
How to Care & Repair