Our journey began in the mountain village of Jlamprang, Central Java, with one family and three women who believe in our mission.
Today, we support fifteen artisans to pursue economic freedom while caring for their children at home.
With more women expressing a desire to join our initiative, we are driven to expand our impact by building our own centralized workshop,
Rumah SukkhaCitta, where they can learn skills to develop themselves and their village.

The scarves in this collection is very close to our hearts.
They are inspired by the three elements that will be used to build this home: Earth, Wood and Bamboo.
Each piece is hand-drawn using the traditional Batik technique,
hand-dyed using plant-based dyes grown in the village,
and stitched by the hands of the women in Jlamprang.

It took them 6 months to master the hand-roll stitch used on the edges of these scarves,
but we wanted to show what they are capable of if we invest in them.
Today, we are proud to share this collection with you.
Your support brings us one step closer to achieving our mission
and will have a ripple effect beyond today. 
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