ALUNAN - Reversible Elbow Crop Jacket (Unisex)

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A minimalist, Japanese-inspired jacket that fits with almost everything! Feeling a little chilly in your office or traveling in-between seasons? This is the jacket for you. Simple and elegant in its cut, you're sure to look and feel great. 

  • As beautiful as a painting. Our new Porcelain technique makes your piece a work of art.
  • Reversible. Yes, you read that right! This jacket comes two-sided, meaning you get two different looks in one. Show off the artsy Porcelain look or keep it subtle yet interesting with the deep blue side.
  • Deep hidden pockets. Because who can live without pockets?
  • We use two layers of soft, raw cotton to keep you warm but not too-hot.
  • Smart sizing. Tried and tested by multiple men and women, our Elbow Crop jacket is a true One-Size-Flatters-All!

    Model 1 is 183cm, EU Size M. He wears All Size.
    Model 2 is 162cm, EU Size S. She wears All Size.

     Size    ALL SIZE: S-L
     Length    78
    *in cm

ALUNAN. A melody of flowers that reminds you of what truly matters: Moments. Fleeting, yet eternal.

Porcelain's white marble color is achieved through 'Nembok', where the whole background of textile is covered with beeswax to create a reverse Batik outcome. 
It takes 3 days for 1 craftswoman to finish 1 fabric before it's hand-dyed in our sugar-Indigo vat. This slow process allows the deep blue to seep in through the cracks of the wax, creating a fading cloud effect that makes each Porcelain piece a true work of art.

All proceeds from this collaboration with Monita Tahalea directly contribute to our mission building Rumah SukkhaCitta Gesikharjo. A space for our artisans to come together and collaborate - but most importantly, a craft school where young craftswomen can learn the skills to thrive.


Technique | Hand drawn Batik (Batik Tulis)
Color | 100% natural dye: Indigofera Tinctoria leaves + Brown Sugar
Material | Soft yet structured linen cotton blend

Color and pattern variations may occur and are part of the charm of this handcrafted piece. We love that one-of-a-kind-feel!

How to Care & Repair