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BHUMI - Weekend Shirt

IDR 2.650.000

You make the world a brighter place. Every act of kindness passes on to others. Like seeds in the wind, creating a ripple effect far beyond your wildest dreams. Each thought, each action, is a seed for a world you believe in.

  • A modern Batik look. Perfect for when you want to incorporate Batik into your everyday while showing the world what you stand for.
  • Years, not wears. Unlike conventional shirts, yours is crafted with raw cotton that gets softer and more osome the more you wear it. No harmful chemicals that are bad for our Ibus' health, the Planet, and your skin!
  • Change begins with you. Inspired by the seeds of life, each connects you with the Earth. A reminder that you contain everything you need to be the change you wish for.

    Askar wears Midnight in Size 1. He is 178cm, EU size M.
    Bertram wear Turquoise in Size 1. He is 184cm, EU size M.
    Want to customize it in a different size? Gita is here to help!


BHUMI is the intention to choose faith over fear. When the weight of uncertainty consumes you, remember that you contain everything you need within. Keep going, the dots will connect backwards.


HAND-DRAWN BATIK | Jlamprang Village, Central Java
STITCHED IN | Tegal Kertha Village, Bali
NATURAL DYE | Indigo leaves + Waste Mahogany wood
MATERIAL | Lightweight Eucalyptus fibre
THREADS | Recycled Polyester
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch

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        Together with you, we're changing an entire industry to be clean and inclusive for women who've been kept invisible for too long. I hope that every time you wear your most meaningful clothes, it reminds you of the impact your choice is creating in someone's life.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 18 reviews
        Ultimate boyfriend birthday present

        He still raves about it even three months after his birthday, and he is a quiet man. Mostly I have to listen to him talking about how great the quality of the shirt, how it adapts both in the heat of Jakarta or under blasting AC. How the shirt effortlessly makes him look and feel good. Might need to get him another one to keep him so passionately talking about a shirt.

        a very personal touch

        They personalized it with my own monogram and customized it with my favourite colour. Everything about this company, its values, workmanship, and personal touch are impressive.


        Finally, a white shirt that is not see-through- yay! Okay yes, the color PAGI is actually more ivory than snow-white crisp plain tee/shirt but it is still a neutral color that goes with everything. I usually wear an L and I like the oversized look on me. I use it both as an outer and as a shirt all buttoned up. The material is breathable cotton with a more substantial weight if I compare it to their studio pants that are made out of the same material (I'm not sure if it's a different grammage or not) so I think this is why while the shirt can be worn relaxed, it also looks a little more structured too. Love the flexibility here! Also, I did say it's made out of a thicker cotton but I have worn this throughout the summer when I sweat a lot, BUT for some reason, my body odor never lingers on this shirt which I find quite magical.

        Not A Weekend Shirt

        More of a-whole-week shirt! I own more than one and they are constantly on my wash-dry-wear loop. It has an oversized yet still very flattering fit which pairs well with most things.

        Comfy and very versatile

        Just a great shirt. The fabric is super soft and comfortable.

        Don’t forget to get a matching face mask 😷

        Made by Mothers

        From farm to fabric, your new piece supports 8 families. Proceeds fund our craft schools, helping women get out of poverty.


        We use only natural fibres and plants grown by indigenous women in villages across Indonesia, preventing toxic chemicals from our rivers.

        Free Repairs

        Packed in a zero-waste reusable pouch. We also plant a tree for you with every piece - yay!

        BHUMI - Weekend Shirt

        IDR 2.650.000