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The Ultimate Gift Guide

Here’s a confession: I love surprises. Nothing beats that feeling of excitement when you’re opening a giftwrapped box. And better yet is to find something inside that feels so thoughtful and personal. A meaningful gift that marks the moment.

Meet our curation of gifts that inspire, surprise, and give back. You’ll be known as the ultimate gift wizard in no time ;)!


Her curiosity always gives you a sense of wonder. She follows the ‘what-ifs’, finding problems to solve because she believes there’s a better way. A rebel with a cause.

From experience, I know that charting your own path and breaking systems are not always easy. Gift a reminder of empowerment to remind her she’s not alone when things are hard.
Kimono batik tulis linen

KUPU - Linen Throw

IDR 1.950.000
The Tomorrow Tee

The Tomorrow Tee

IDR 695.000
Recommended Intentions: Garnet (Passion), KUPU (Courage)


She always has her projects. All the time you’ve known her, she’s never idle. She’s always there for anyone who needs her. A listening ear, a helping hand.

Now, it’s time to remind her you’re there for her. Gift a reminder to slow down and reconnect with herself.
PAGISENJA - Traveller's Pants (Gender Neutral)

PAGISENJA - Traveller's Pants (Gender Neutral)

IDR 1.450.000
Sustainable scarf indigo

SLOW DOWN - Handwoven Long Scarf (Gender Neutral)

IDR 950.000
Meaningful gifts

ALUNAN Porcelain - Sylk Throw

IDR 2.750.000
Recommended Intentions: CORE (Focus), ALUNAN (Present In The Moment)


Commemorate the journey of motherhood in all its forms: new moms, startup moms, grandmoms, god moms, almost moms, fur moms, plant moms. They’re all valid and equally special.

Celebrate the nurturing of life with gifts that empower women.
CANANG - Sylk Kain

CANANG - Sylk Kain

IDR 4.950.000
Happiness Gift Set

Happiness Gift Set

IDR 495.000
Recommended Intentions: SERIBU BUNGA (Hope), SWEETINDIGO™ (Grounding)


Surprise him with a #MadeRight shirt he didn’t know he needed ;) They’re super comfy and breathable – guaranteed to be on a tight wash-wear routine in his wardrobe! Let him feel the handmade difference.

Secret Tip: If the early onset of a lockdown belly is a concern, go for our Weekend Shirt. They’re not only super comfy and stylish. They’re also very forgiving around the waistline ;)
Sustainable shirt

TITIK Raw - Nerd Shirt (Gender Neutral)

IDR 1.450.000
SELAH - Nerd Pants (Gender Neutral)

SELAH - Nerd Pants (Gender Neutral)

IDR 2.150.000
PAGISENJA - Weekend Shirt

PAGISENJA - Weekend Shirt

IDR 1.450.000
Recommended Intentions: SELAH (Inner Freedom), TITIK (Feeling Enough)


She’s always up-to-date with the latest eco tip and documentaries. Always ready to share ideas to inspire you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Pretty much everything on our site will be a great fit for her: All our #MadeRight pieces protect the Earth and each piece sold plants a tree on her behalf. And now you can even donate to a cause she believes in for her (we’ll keep updating her on our progress!).

Looking for something extra special: Choose KAPAS. Grown by hand by indigenous women farmers in East Java using regenerative methods that restore soil health and fight climate change!
Meaningful gifts

3-Layered Face Mask

IDR 185.000
Friendship bracelet

Happiness Bracelet

IDR 245.000
Hope Mask

Hope Mask

IDR 185.000
Recommended Intentions: SWEETINDIGO™ (Protection), CORE (Clarity)


Your best friend is expecting! No matter if it’s a boy or a girl, gift comfort.

Our #MadeRight Minis are naturally-dyed to keep the lil’ one safe while providing a child in Central Sumba access to anti-stunting resources. Or remind her to still take time for herself in this breast-feeding friendly Alunan dress <3
ethical kids clothing - set of pants and shirt

Mini Comfy Set - Handwoven

IDR 1.275.000
dress with pockets

ALUNAN - Easy Wrap Dress

IDR 2.950.000
comfy set - sustainable kids clothing

Mini Comfy Set - Batik

IDR 1.275.000
Recommended Intentions: ALUNAN (Present In The Moment), TITIK (Feeling Enough)


You keep showing up for others. Now it’s time to nurture yourself with compassion and appreciation. Remind yourself that you are loved, by showing yourself the love and care you deserve.
RANUM - Cocoon Throw

RANUM - Cocoon Throw

IDR 2.950.000
Sustainable silk scarf

ALUNAN - Silk Square Scarf

IDR 1.650.000
RANUM - Evening Dress

RANUM - Evening Dress

IDR 4.250.000
Recommended Intentions: RANUM (Self Love), GARNET (Passion)


She’s your everything. Falling in love is easy, but finding someone you can’t live without – that’s rare. How do you remind her of that? And not just today, but every day, and the day after that.

The biggest love lies in the smallest gestures. Post-its with reasons why you love her, flowers from your morning walk. It’s the details.

But sometimes, anniversaries represent milestones you want to celebrate in a more lasting way. Something to accompany you through the years to remind you of the journey. All the sweet days and the hardships that made you stronger together.
Sustainable Jacket

KAPAS BAMBU - Custom Blazer

IDR 8.250.000
PUTRI - One-of-a-Kind Tapestry

PUTRI - One-of-a-Kind Tapestry

IDR 25.000.000
Sustainable Outer Batik

One of a Kind - Sylk Throw

IDR 2.950.000
Gita is here to help you find a one-of-a-kind piece that have special meaning to you.


We’ll also wrap your gift with eco materials and a personal note to make the unwrapping experience something she’ll cherish.


Whatever you choose, make it more special by adding a monogram or a special date.